Point-Of-Sale Marketing (POSM)

Sauntering in the shopping mall, you will find that there are banners attached to the previously white walls, danglers swaying from the ceiling singularly, colourful posters embellishing the empty portions of the walls that is often seen by passersby. This is the quaint, yet useful strategy of advertising- POSM.

Below shows a picture on how POSM works:

Most of the post-modern society, who are looking down at their smart phones all the time, does not have the leisure time to observe the surrounding, or even take note of the happenings around them. Thus, Looped will ensure your POSM entities that you have submitted to us to shine in the lights out of the banality of life, and make your advertisement of this form palpable to the passersby, even when they are so indulged in their smart phones.

VBest, the top education centre, is a valued customer of Looped, claimed that after letting Looped to be affiliated with executing POSM advertising for VBest, the visitors to VBest website, and the audience reached with this method is of a mammoth growth to this organisation. Based on the success stated from above, POSM can link people- audience, closer to your website, and your organisation.