Mobile Apps Development

The usage of smart phones, and have access to internet, is approximately 2 billion people, is 28.4 percent of the population of earth. Based on statistics and researchers, this number is growing, exponentially, because the world has made it easier for people to have both access to the internet and owning a smartphone.

Here are some examples of mobile apps:

Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Snapchat, are the giants of the mobile apps industry, they earn billions by taking in the ad revenue, cost per install, sponsorship, in-app purchases and many more. Even those smaller organisation can make apps that are able to garner thousands per month, also having more traffic to your website. The fact that there are billions of people downloading mobile apps, it is plausible to make one for your own organisation to boost traffic to your organisation or to your website.

Looped creates mobile apps that is in line with your website, and using the correct marketing strategies, the mobile apps will be able to earn thousands within months. Mobile apps not only able to make extra income to your organisation, but also bring in more visitors to your website.