Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH)

As you passed by the skyscrapers in the city, the lamp posts on the road sides, the humongous electronic billboards hanging on the buildings or standing individually, even the bus-stops or train stations, you will observe that there are electronic screens adhere to those places that I had mentioned, showing ads in the form of picture, videos or even with interactive virtual reality. This is the new epoch of advertising- DOOH.

The illustration below depicts the diversity of ads on the Out-Of-Home (OOH) screens:

DOOH comprises of three main kinds of ads- linear (non-moving), dynamic (video based), digital experiential (interactive media). The target audience is zeroed in on the younger generation who fancies the modern technologies, and piquant trends. The digital experiential aspect of DOOH is the most attractive feature that will best aggregate the attention of people, especially the younger generation.

This new approach of media advertising has acted as a springboard to the way of conveying a message that is more engaging to the audience and the efficiency of getting across the message in the ad proliferates. As most of the people is more contended with visual representation with a brighter, resplendent media, DOOH is the perfect platform to reach out to even more people, to boost the traffic of your website, and indubitably enhance the income of your organisation.