The Concept Of Corporate Identity

The concept of corporate identity is a process of what we consult to when we speak to people about our identity. It is often seen as a collection of visual elements. Our individuality is maintained by our character and our personality  in which we express through our demeanor, articulation, and our outlook.

A successful company makes itself unique via presenting a favourable image to the world, through attaching their business cards, company icon, sample products and other symbolization of the company which acts as a representation of the company’s brand.

Corporate Identity of some marketing expert is the crux of an organisation’s existence, made up of its history, strategies and so on. Furthermore, Corporate Identity helps to evaluate the position of an company in terms of its market and competitors.


The Importance Of  Corporate Identity

The use of corporate identity rather than reputation or image is not without significance. There are cogent reasons to believe that the right corporate identity helps to achieve this business objective. Besides, brand identity plays a vital role for the internal relations of all kind of businesses, from petty businesses to multi-national companies. However, the bigger the business, the more crucial it is to establish a clear and enticing corporate identity. Therefore, a company needs an effective stratagem to establish a conspicuous presence in the marketplace.

For instance, Nike use a great strategy as created a unique logo for itself, called “swoosh”. The “swoosh” successfully became a renowned logo due to it’s unconventional design and distinction. The publics are able to determine the brand Nike through it’s logo “swoosh”. Through the logo “swoosh” Nike carries forward into other country and become an international brand.