1. Create page for every product distinctly
2. Characterize an original and unique description of each product.
3. User reviews are indispensable to advance people over the purchasing peak. Remember to ask your customer to leave a review of the product that they purchased.
5. Set up a simple shopping cart system. To abstain people from renouncing their cart, use few pages and clicks between clicking “add to cart” and completing payment.
6. Provide your customers with incentive such as win a $200 voucher for the best review of the month.
7. If you are running out of stock, provide your customers the details and contact them once the stock is available.
8. Ensure your website to able to browse as fast as the speed of light. This is to prevent you from losing impatient customer.
9. Create a blog to display your product range, discounts and offers and latest products.
10. Offer a money back guarantee.
11. Ensure your customers to know about your information by inserting your phone number to the header and your address to the footer.
12. Check Twitter to update yourself on complaints and compliments from customer regarding to your products.
13. Make an advertisement of your products via Facebook. Make sure you target to people of the right demographic.