 You can perform online business on your own. You can compile your own website and maximize its advantage. You may customize it to fit every requirements you have for your online business.
 There will be no borders to your business. You can reach thousands of people globally by having online business without depending on unnecessary marketing methods that you implanted while offline. This is much more cheaper and more trustworthy.
 There are more marketing opportunity on the internet compared to others. You can avert all the troubles using traditional marketing method by utilizing modern technology of the internet.
 It will be more effective and efficient in connection between you and your clients who are always not around since they are using their mobile devices to do their searches.
 You get more referrals by doing online business rather than the offline ones because it is way more easier to share links and content through internet.
 You are able to enjoy with people globally by socializing them.
Besides, You can also promote your business through each social networks by taking the opportunity.
 Your brand can be imitate efficiently and you are the major controller of the images and texts that related to your brand.